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Make (Name): Bristol Lodekka FLF
Model: Double deck red bus
Year: 1967
Color: National Bus Company Poppy Red
Description: Our 1967 Hants & Dorset Bristol Lodekka FLF in National Bus Company corporate Poppy Red livery is a typical bus seen all over Great Britain from1965 to their retirement in 1982. Fully restored and presented in the 100% authentic livery of the National Bus Company, this vehicle can be very quickly be personalised to look authentic as a vehicle operated by other National Bus Company operating areas by removing the Hants & Dorset fleetnames and applying the company name of the area and also applying a replacement registration number pertaining to the operating area. The interior of this near 50 year old head-turner is original featuring green leather seats and tan flooring. A perfect vehicle for any production set in the 60's, 70's and 80's.
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